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Tennis Ball Hopper

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The Easy-Roller Tennis Ball Hopper is the ultimate tool for easy ball pick up and versatile portability.

More Portable than a mower / Much Easier than a basket

Click Here to View Video Demo

Picks up Effortlessly with a smooth rolling action.

Stands up and opens for use as a feeding basket.

Stores 100 balls in each interchangeable hopper.




Optional add-on baskets allow unlimited capacity and flexible storage capabilities.


Stand it up and the basket opens up.

Use it to feed balls to students or to practice serving.

The feeding height is totally adjustable.

Add the included snap-on foam handle to the "Y" leg in the picture and the EZ Roller can be slung on your shoulder for easy carrying, even when loaded with balls.


The Rolling Hopper is assembled, disassembled, and transformed for its many uses in seconds.

The Unique Patented  Design of the 3 in 1 Easy-Roller Hopper makes it the ideal companion for your Tennis Ball Machine.

It is also Great for the Tennis Pro on the go.

Video Demonstration

Click on the picture below for a video demonstration of the
3-in-1 Easy Roller

Download Time:
- approx. 2.5 mins. @ 56K
- approx. 5-15 secs. for DSL & Cable
CLICK HERE TO SEE VIDEO.   CLOSE SCREEN WHEN FINISHED Video Opens In New Pop Up Window. When Video Ends Close Window.



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